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How Do I Find My Model?

There are a number of ways to determine the model number or name of your device.

1. Check your Phone

Some devices have their model number printed on the exterior housing of the device if this is not the case then removing the battery on certain devices will reveal a label which displays the IMEI number and model information for your device.

Apple devices don’t have a removable battery but do have the model written on the back of the device, an example being A1457 (which is the model number for an iPhone 5S). This can be translated into an exact model name by using the link below:

apple support

2. Check the box

If you’re still lucky enough to have your devices original box, this may help you determine your devices model information. The model number is usually printed on a sticker found on the original box of your device, it may also be printed on the box.

3. Check on the phone

Every device will have a section in their options or settings menu displaying model information. Accessing this information varies between manufacturers but is generally very easy to find. If you need more detailed instructions on how to determine your model number using your devices settings menu please contact us.